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Providing technological solutions to build a comprehensive, modern and sustainable Logistics 4.0 ecosystem.

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i-Depot SuperApp@ LTA

One Application - Multiple Utilities

A platform that connects digital transformation businesses in various fields such as logistics, healthcare, education, etc. Creating a multi-utility and multi-user ecosystem that serves many customer groups..

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Depot Management and Operation System

Removing paper in processes

Applying modern technologies to monitor and manage all activities at the depot.

Improve work efficiency

Improve work efficiency and save up to 80% of personnel costs.

Process automation

Automating processes to save time and simplify lifting and lowering procedures for customers.

Exchanging Empty Containers Solutions

The technology platform connects companies in need of using empty containers for transporting goods with container owners

  • Save time and costs for transportation and empty container lifting and lowering for import-export companies when trading empty containers without going through depots.
  • Connect many large shipping lines allow customers to request appropriate depot exchanges for empty container lifting to save costs, reduce waste time due to traffic jams or peak hours.
  • The trading platform helps customers have many choices in renting containers with competitive costs.

Transportation Management Solutions

A visual online solution for managing, monitoring, and dispatching vehicles optimizes costs and personnel for vehicle management and operation. Improves vehicle utilization efficiency.

Warehouse Management


Smart warehouse with breakthrough

Technology platform

Applying IoT to a comprehensive warehouse management solution, automated and integrated on a single platform helps businesses effectively manage resources, save import-export time, inventory checks, and minimize losses during the warehouse import-export process.

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